We're passionate about lighting for film and television. TVC, Web Series, or anything you can think of. Auckland, NZ.


Broadline 2017 TVC
Baby Mamas Club 2017 Web Series
BNZ Super Size SME 2017 Web Video
Property Bid 2017 TVC
Dead Favours 2017 Music Video
Stiffs 2017 Short Film
Self Service 2017 Short Film
Auckward Love Season 2 & 3 2017 Series
Ripple 2017 Web Series


Professional and efficient. Love working with Kyle, he really works hard and is a great character to have on set!
- Kit Tyler, Producer
Kyle really blew me away with not just his lighting skill, but his professionalism from start to finish. I was down to the wire on a job with a very strict budget and he made it all possible in lighting. While every other department had things go wrong, not once did I have to worry about lighting and his helpful suggestions were always on point.
- Will Prosor, DoP
Kyle is a great Gaffer, as a DOP I have chosen to work with him numerous times. He's always up for a challenge, he takes instruction and interprets my needs and visions very well and is enormously knowledgeable with it comes to technical specs of lighting. Kyle is a hard worker with good banter and brings 110% to every project.
- Nina Wells, DoP
I have just completed my 3rd production with Kyle and Low Key Lighting over the past 16 months and his skill-set, knowledge and attitude to creating great work never ceases to amaze and impress me. His dedication to constant up-skilling as well as continued growth of his lighting equipment make him a vital asset in production.
- Emmett Skilton, Director



HMIs2.5KW, 1.2KW, 575W
Tungsten2KW, ZIP, 800W
Control: Cutters, Diff Frames, 8ft Frame4x4, 3x2, etc
"Dana" Dolly Slider, Apple Boxes

Fitted van is included. All gear is a wet rental, meaning a technician is included. Any additional gear requirements can be sourced as required.


Email us at info@lowkeylighting.co.nz

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